livestock at large 
 Me vs. the world with the most eclectic group of instruments ever played at once. 

about livestock at large

Livestock at Large came about soon after Jeremy Penner (hereafter referred to in the first person) acquired an acoustic guitar as a Christmas gift. With ten years of formal piano training under my belt, I was something of a quick study, reaching levels of "listenable" in a few short months.

Thanks to a total lack of social life (which was a situation which was remedied for the first time in Grade 12 mostly thanks to my guitar), I had numerous friends on the Internet. Somehow, people were interested in hearing me play. So I would make MP3s and spread them around. Clearly, my "band" needed a name. A friend of mine named Dane Bullerwell, recalling a tale in which a road sign bearing those fateful words was stolen, suggested "Livestock at Large" would be a good name for a band. It stuck.

My first album, Pyronecroboviphile (whose name, like most everything else on the album, was shamelessly stolen), was almost entirely made up of me playing songs I hadn't written on my acoustic guitar and singing badly into the crappiest $20 microphone from Radio Shack ever created. It was a modest success; it probably paid for the CD-labelling equipment I had to purchase in order to produce it. Most of the album's content was dictated by the Internet friends who had inspired me to record myself in the first place; every so often, someone would tell me, "Hey, you should record this," and most of the time, I did. I struggled to get a reasonable amount of original material on there as well, but I am not a lyricist, and so the covers dominated.

Since the first album, I have acquired a taste for acquiring and learning strange instruments. I've got a jawharp, a toy accordian, a portable pump organ, my own piano with a broken G key, a harmonica, a Yamaha DX-9 FM synthesizer, a trombone, and I will happily and annoyingly use whatever is around as a percussive instrument. (I like to pretend that I'm in Stomp.)

Drop me an email if you want a copy of my CD.