intbigot - the language for zealots without a cause
Welcome to the official home page of intbigot. intbigot's mission is simple: to convice the world that the 32-bit integer is the One True Data Type. The other reason for intbigot's existance is to prove the naysayers who say that a language with both static typing and dynamic scope is "impossible." To which we say, "Phooey, naysayers!" intbigot has both static typing AND dynamic scope!

How static is the static typing? There IS only one type! The One True Data Type! You can't get more static than that!

How dynamic is the dynamic scope? Variable scoping is the ONLY WAY to pass data between procedures! This language RELIES on dynamic scope!

One look and I'm sure you'll agree, intbigot makes the impossible possible!

all the news that fits, we print

July 2, 2002 - The intbigot cause is now one step closer to legitamacy! Yes, the most vocal naysayers, after weeks of ignoring intbigot for laughable reasons like "never being pointed towards it", have admitted that yes, intbigot does indeed do the impossible! To celebrate, we have prepared intbigot 0.2, which incorporates Just In Time technology into the interpreter. Yes, your intbigot interpreter will now compile your code into raw machine code and run it directly on your hardware for an incredible speed boost!

*ahem* That is, you would get an incredible speed boost if the overhead of compiling wasn't approximately the same as the overhead of interpreting, but that's only because it's impossible to write programs of any complexity using intbigot just yet.

The JIT support requires GNU lightning to be installed, or at least sitting someplace where you can play with it. GNU lightning supports the x86, PowerPC, and SPARC architectures, meaning you can happily run it on our University's SPARC-based UNIX servers, as well as your Mac or PC at home. If you don't want to bother, don't fret! intbigot will always have its regular old interpreter built by default.

The FAQ has also been updated to better reflect the directions that intbigot is going.

So go get it already! You know you want it.

If you're interested in the syntax and semantics of intbigot, you might be interested in this intbigot primer.

If you feel like you might have a question that has been asked frequently, you may want to check out the intbigot FAQ.

If you're excited and want to try out this new amazing technology right now, the latest source code for the intbigot interpreter can be downloaded here. Please note that the interpreter is in rather early alpha stages (where it will likely remain), and does not provide you with much useful debugging feedback, and may in fact be chock-full of bugs itself.

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