4:26pm, Oct 10: In celebration of Eric's due date, have some more photos.

12:05pm, Sept 27: Have some hospital photos! WARNING: CONTAINS NEWBORN BABY NUDITY.

1:50am, Sept 26: We're home safe. Busy night tonight, but I've got a few minutes where I'm conscious and he's feeding and I've got a quick thing to do on the computer. Have some pictures. More soon.

7:55pm, Sept 24: Apparently the digital camera requires special software that I do not have. Pictures later.

He weighs 7lbs 3oz and is twenty inches long, counting his magnificent conehead. His name is Eric Sebastian Lowell Penner. Everyone is happy and healthy.

4:18pm, Sept 24: BORN! Pictures soon.

1:15pm, Sept 24: They've taken Angela down to half the dose of Pitocin she was getting, and the contractions continue, so labour is truly underway under its own power. Nothing much else going on.

11:00am, Sept 24: Angela's doing great. Contractions are getting bigger -- she's on an epidural now, which is why I have time to type this :) She's having a little catnap now that she's comfortable. Everything's going smoothly, the baby is still happy and healthy, and it's just a matter of waiting for the next stage to begin.

5:55am, Sept 24: Baby is great, water is broken. They've had Angela on Pitocin all night and the contractions are starting to pick up.